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Viagra is an effective impotency drug prescribed for men. An effective medicine against erectile problems, it can change your sex life. With one pill of Viagra, you can have utmost pleasure with your partner.

Drug Uses

Viagra is known to give the maximum sexual pleasure. It is known that once a viagra pill is taken, you get good erection and the erection will last for a very long duration.

How does the drug act? Generic Viagra helps in relaxing the muscles present in the penis. When the penile muscles get elongated, more blood flows into the region. When there is uninterrupted flow of blood, the penis stands erected.

How Taken

Viagra should only be taken after taking to your doctor. Never buy the medicine self and take it as it can be dangerous. The viagra medicine can be taken about an hour before sex. You should also take care that only one pill is taken a day. Well, maintain 24 hours gap in between two Viagra dosages.

Never take Generic Viagra in larger doses as it can lead to many complications.

More Information

You should have to use viagra only after talking with the doctor. The doctor should have to know about all the health conditions, including your allergies and also your diseases. This will help the doctor to take an appropriate decision on the Viagra prescription. Let your doctor know if you are having allergies towards any medicine, food or any substance. The physician should also know if you having any of these conditions: heart problems, blood issues, liver/kidney problems, painful erections, prolonged erections, stomach ulcers and retinitis pigmentosa.


Some medicines are known to interact with Viagra. Therefore, your doctor should have to know about the drugs you are having before he prescribes Viagra. This erectile deficiency drug is not advised in case you are taking any nitrate containing medicines. This is because taking viagra along with nitrates can lead to a sudden fall in the blood pressure, which can lead to cardiac arrest.

Some persons who have taken Viagra have come across sudden sight loss. Well, it has not been proved if Viagra medicine is the real reason of sudden vision problem. Sudden vision loss has been experienced by persons who were diabetes and those persons having hypertension and earlier eye problems.

Alcohol should be stopped if you are taking Viagra as it can increase the side effects risks.

Viagra is only for men and not for women and children. Well, elderly people should have to use the Vigara pill with caution as these persons are more sensitive to the side effects.

Side Effects

Unlike other erectile deficiency drugs, Viagra is considered to be safer. Viagra comes with less side effects when compared to other impotency drugs. Another thing is that the Viagra side effects will not last for a longer time.

Colour vision (temporary), stomach upsetm, headache and flushing are the common side effects a person can experience after taking viagra.

Well, some persons may come across erections that may last for longer periods. In case you have such a condition, call the physician immediately as prolonged erections can damage the penis.

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